An outsourcing model for development

Browntape technologies build multi-channel software that allows sellers to manage their orders on different online marketplaces (Amazon, Flipkart, etc.) from one central location. Browntape is used by over 5,500 sellers, including huge brand names like TATA and Coca-Cola, with over 6.5 million products being sold via their software.

We were enlisted by Browntape to work on an internal listing tool for their employees called Listr, and to create a Purchase Order (PO) module within their BTApp.

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Business plan, Phased release schedule, Development, Support.

A peek into our work


Working with the Browntape team

Browntape have a highly skilled technical team that works on their software for central inventory management. Their team includes veterans in the field of IT, with decades of knowledge and experience.

Browntape had specific requirements for Listr and PO, which they wanted to be fulfilled within a specific timeline. They entrusted us to take ownership of these modules, so their technical team could focus on their core products.

We followed an outsourcing model for this project, with our team working remotely out of our own office. This is not our first time working with Browntape. We have worked on many projects for them in the past, and have a few upcoming projects as well.

A peek into our work



Browntape gave us the designs and a set of defined tasks to work on Listr - a tool for their employees to manage and enlist seller catalogs. Listr allows their team to upload, assign, review and enlist catalogs, all in one place.

The project has 6 phases (0-5), and we are currently in Phase 2.

A peek into our work


A peek into our work



Sellers can request products from multiple suppliers and locations by creating a Purchase Order list.

Quantity and quality of products ordered for a PO can be checked by a GRN (Goods Received Note).

A peek into our work