Creating a market space for the music fraternity

What goes into a delivering a great musical performance? A great partnership between the musicians, hosts and professionals involved. But this doesn’t come easy..


The OverHear platform was created as a marketplace for the music fraternity, connecting talent with talent seekers. The aim was to create a transparent system, that makes it faster and easier to build partnerships and create opportunities in the music workspace.

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A peek into our work


A peek into our work


Working with the Client





3 months


Technology connecting the music fraternity
Balsamiq + Laravel + Github + Grunt.js + LESS + Bootstrap

Based on Discussions
Hi-Fi Mockups
Based on Wireframes

The beta is launched only in Singapore, will launch it in other areas of the Indian subcontinent soon.

A peek into our work


01. Discover

OverHear makes it fast and simple to connect with the right partner.

Browse through a vast selection of both projects (events, birthdays, parties, etc.) and providers (musicians, hosts, instrument specialists, etc).

Filters based on event type, budget and location help in finding just the right match.

A peek into our work


A peek into our work


02. Evaluate

To help make their decisions, the platform provides various ratings and feedback for both providers and seekers.

Providers have an OverHear score, ratings and stats such as profile views and social media stats.

Seekers have offer rates, hire rates and reviews.

A peek into our work


A peek into our work


03. Communicate

OverHear allows talent seekers to post their projects and talent providers to apply for these projects.

To facilitate a better relationship, seekers and providers are able to communicate on the platform via messages.

Both providers and seekers can also contact OverHear for any questions about their services.

A peek into our work


04.Payment & disputes

OverHear uses a secure payment system with inbuilt checks and balances, to ensure both the payer and payee are always protected.

On booking a provider, the seeker makes an advance payment to OverHear, which is held and released to the provider only on completion of his/her service.

A peek into our work


Building Effective Partnerships in the Music Fraternity

OverHear has brought simplicity and ease into the planning and delivery of great live performances. The platform has made it easier than ever to find the right match between talent providers and seekers, helping to build effective relationships both within and outside the music fraternity. OverHear opens up a world of opportunities for acts waiting to be discovered, and those looking to showcase great talent.

So let’s keep it simple and let the music speak for itself.

A peek into our work