Automating the Sales Force Through a Mobile App is India’s largest wedding marketplace. Getting all the partners to update their data on the platform, coordinate with customers and the Weddingz team was quite a challenge.


We set out to develop an app to address these problems and ensure hassle free management of the Weddingz trade partners.


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Client location:

Mumbai, India.

Our contribution:
Business plan, Phased release schedule, Branding, User Interface design, Development, Support, Marketing communication.


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3 months


Cross platform mobile application using
IonicFramework + Github + Gulp.js + LESS + CoffeeScript + HyperTrack + jQueryUI + Amcharts + Heatmaps

A well thought out experience that went through many design processes based on research and client feedback.

Check out our unique design process

A peek into our work


Making information available on-the-go

Venues and weddingz executives are not always able get the information they’re looking for when they don’t have access to a PC, laptop/are out in the field. Since everyone uses a phone, the Partner app comes to the rescue and ensures this information is constantly available wherever you may be.

  • The venues are able to check their graphs/stats, hotdates.
  • The Weddingz executives can check the status of their leads, availability of venues and schedule of client meetings.

A peek into our work


A peek into our work


Keeping data up to date and accurate

Getting the venues and weddingz executives to constantly update their data in real time onto the platform was another challenge we solved through the Partner App.

Information collection is now more frequent & up to date because of mobile data collection.

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Getting reminders & prompts to action

Venue vendors and weddingz executives can forget about important schedules or to update their information on the platform.

The Partner app sends push notifications to remind the weddingz executives about upcoming visits/followups.

Notifications are also sent to venues to remind them to update their availability for dates potential clients are interested in.

A peek into our work


Mobile First: Location Tracker

As an added feature, we included location tracking on the Partner App. The weddingz executives can now log into hypertrack when on fieldwork, and their coordinates can be tracked via GPS.

This allows an assessment of how much time an executive spends at a particular location, and their productivity. Also used for reporting purposes.

A peek into our work


A peek into our work


Mobile enabled workforce and partners

By automating the salesforce and increasing co-ordination between the Weddingz partners, the Partner app aims to increase overall:

  • Accuracy of data
  • Ease of data entry and availability
  • Efficiency and productivity
  • Closure rates

A peek into our work