Converting Ideas to Reality

ShortFilmWindow is a mini-theatre that hosts a diverse selection of short films from around the world. Our client came to us with the idea for ShortFilmWindow realizing the need for a central platform, allowing filmmakers to directly engage with their audiences.


The platform provides a unique space to showcase original and brilliant ideas.


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Client location:

Mumbai, India

Our contribution:
Business plan, Phased release schedule, Branding, User Interface design, Development, Support, Marketing communication.

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A peek into our work


A peek into our work


Working with the Client





3 months


Technology behind ShortFilmWindow
WordPress + Ionic Framework + Github + PHP + LESS + Bootstrap


To help bring the client’s vision to reality, we used WordPress, with customizations built specific to the needs of the client and product.

Us and WordPress

To help meet and go beyond our clients’ expectations, we use the popular content management system, WordPress, with our own customizations.

WordPress allows our clients to manage and make updates to sites, with minimal technical knowledge and on a limited budget.

For a number of features not pre-available on WordPress, we write custom codes and build custom themes from scratch.

We are highly experienced with building solutions through Wordpress, having extensively used the CMS for the past 5 years.

A peek into our work


A window to a new world

Watch a variety of movies - across different genres, languages and countries with 3 views

A peek into our work


A peek into our work


A peek into our work


A peek into our work


Simply Swipe to Browse

The ShortFilmWindow app offers on-the-go access to its bite-sized films and content.

Cross platform app, available on both iOS and Android.

Users can browse through films, create watchlists, share on social media and more - right from their smartphone.

A peek into our work


The Features

Add films to watchlist to view later and get notified for newly added movies

A peek into our work