Countdown Offer Timers That Create Urgency

There’s nothing quite like a ticking clock to get people to snap into action. After all, it is human nature to feel a sense of urgency when we see time being counted down. It constantly gives a feeling that time is running out. Many online stores use countdown timers to count down to when a special discount or offer will become available. Urgency is a tried and tested method of compelling people to act, from clicking a link to making a purchase.

A product sale countdown timer is a timer on your ecommerce store that is counting down to the end of a specific sale. We have built this custom functionality for a Shopify store using jQuery Timer and styled it to match with the website theme, setting up a start & end time for the offer. This feature shows that the offer expires in “AA:BB:CC” hrs format which gives a sense of urgency and hence prevents delay in conversion. The timer runs in real time and tells in how much time a particular offer will be expiring.

countdown offer timer on shopify products

Letting shoppers take their own time to make a buying decision is an obvious gap in the purchase process. A timer can add that extra push. Putting a countdown timer next to every sale product reminds your shoppers that they only have a limited amount of time to get a deal on an item they’ve had their eye on. As a result, there is a higher tendency of your customers purchasing it. In this way, using countdown timers can help to improve conversion rates and lead to an uplift in sales.

But it is not just limited time that makes countdown timers an effective way to grab the attention. Visually appealing and animated motion of the timer counting down is a great way of engaging customers.

countdown timer offer on shopify products

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