Saving time and effort for patients and healthcare teams

Mylan is one of the largest generics and speciality pharmaceutical companies in the world, with a sales revenue worth $9.46 billion.


Working with Mylan’s London office, we came up with part of a telemedicine solution, that saves time and energy by letting physicians and healthcare teams monitor their patients remotely.

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Our contribution:
Business plan, Phased release schedule, Development, Support.

A peek into our work


A peek into our work


Working with the Client





3 months


Technology behind the pilot
Balsamiq + Laravel + Github + Gulp.js + LESS + Amcharts + Bootstrap + jsPDF + Parse API


The pilot is being run in hospitals in a few counties in the UK. We are currently in the middle of this pilot study. Commercial approval for the software will be based on this year’s analysis & reviews.

Patient Convenience

Patients of chronic conditions are often old, weak and highly inconvenienced by the need for constant hospital check-ups.

The Mylan software allows patients to record their vital stats through the use of instruments at home, with this data being synced into the Mylan system.

This data is accompanied by a questionnaire specific to the patient’s medical condition.

A peek into our work


Patient Privacy

The Mylan software was developed in the sensitive space of healthcare in the UK, taking into account the country’s strict mandates for patient privacy.

Patients are referred to by specific patient id numbers on the software.

The Mylan extension for Chrome allows physicians and caregivers to see and map their patient information, with the patient names accessible on their systems only.

A peek into our work


A peek into our work


Alerts and Notifications

The software generates alerts and notifications for physicians and caregivers to better monitor their controlled patient groups.

These notify the caregivers about who is not responding in the patient group, who hasn’t filled the questionnaire, and any significant changes in answers.

The notifications and alerts need to be manually cleared for every patient in the patient group, ensuring any change in patient health is measured, monitored and acted on.

A peek into our work


Patient Records and History

The software displays a patient’s historical records, allowing the caregiver to compare an individual patient’s condition over time and determine any significant changes.

This data also allows the patient’s performance to be compared to control groups.

A peek into our work


A peek into our work


A peek into our work


A peek into our work


Multi-Tenant System

The Mylan software is easy to deploy across different hospitals and patient groups
in a multi-tenant system with granular roles and access control permissions.

A peek into our work


A peek into our work


Ease and convenience for patients and healthcare teams

The Mylan software was built as a partly telemedicine solution to help physicians and healthcare teams monitor their patient groups remotely.

The software addresses the pain points of patients of chronic conditions, reducing their need to constantly travel to hospitals.

Easily deployed across different hospitals and patient groups, the Mylan software ensures ease, convenience and patient privacy.