As the name (Show and Tell) suggests we help put together meetups where the focus is on showing the stuffs you have built (web, mobile) and then talking about it. The emphasis is on discussing the engineering, design, project management or UX aspects of the application.

Posted by: Tanvi (People & Processes)
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We had the team that worked on, come down to Goa to Show and Tell their experience of building the application. React + Redux – An introduction and how it helped

We are not all talk, by the way. We have also organized workshops to ‘Do and Tell’. Hands-on Workshop on Django (A Python Framework) at Goa College of Engineering.

These meetups are a great way to learn about new technologies, get a perspective on how different teams use different tools, their approach to system design and implementation, design process, agile variations or anything else that you choose to show and talk about. These are not pitching or beer/networking events.

This time around, we thought, why not have an HR meetup and discuss a crucial aspect of people management i.e. Attendance & Leave Management. The meetup aimed at discussing various aspects such as law, tools used and challenges faced. The meetup was attended by HRs from various industries such as IT, pharmaceutical, hospitality, FMCG and others.

The first session was dedicated to the Statutory Compliance perspective of the subject matter. Our expert guest speaker of the day, Mr. Sharad Chodnecar brushed up on several Labor Laws laid down by the Central and State Government.

Along with laws, Mr. Sharad also shared some of his personal experiences which was a great value addition. The laws discussed included, Factories Act, Shops and Establishment Act, Employee’s Provident Fund Act, Employee State Insurance Corporation Act, Employee Compensation Act and others. This session was followed by a round of Q&A.

The second session was conducted by our Co-Founder, Anuj Khurana. It began with a group discussion on tools or software used by participants to track attendance and leave management at their respective organizations. Participants shared their policies, challenges faced and possible solutions. Anuj then walked the audience through the journey of – attendance policy then & now, experiments, learning from those experiments and Dilbert.