Where have all the dwarves gone?

No, not the mythical kind, the ones you find in the pages of a Tolkien book. Dwarves in most folklore are industrious, hard-working builders. They build with hands. In the face of a mountain of challenges, they carve out a beautiful world. Today it is easy to find a Jedi or a ninja or even a maven, but there are no dwarves. The last decade has seen a focus on Storytelling, engagement, consulting, and research. It has become less and less glamorous to be builders first. Dwarves are relegated to movies and books.

Why Digital Dwarves Private Ltd?

At Ajency.in, we think that building something is the best part of the process. We are not molding rocks into shapes or mining gold from the bowels of the earth, but we are the builders of the modern age. Putting together code and design and building beautiful, usable web and mobile products. We are, as we like to call ourselves, the Digital Dwarves. (Digital Dwarves Private Ltd is also our legal business name and the one you will see on our official communication and invoices).

Digital Dwarves Private Ltd

Avoiding bullshit
Design and technology are both filled with the use of words, terminology, and language that is difficult to comprehend for most. The use of “jargon” as a superficial lacquer designed to impress, with scant regard for truth, has only one description: bullshit.

Because we see ourselves as builders, our processes, our focus, and our rewards are all geared towards the same. There is no denying the value in strategy or consulting. In digital projects, the user interface is extremely important. That is a given. But the proportion of value ascribed to these softer deliverables seems to far outweigh the value ascribed to the actual building. We have structured our teams to focus on the build output. If you are someone who is more of an ‘idea person,’ then we may not the best fit for each other. Similarly, using research, brainstorming, meetings as a replacement for tangible output is actively discouraged.

Our research and brainstorming is rather done by building a prototype and testing it out. We don’t offer nor do we indulge in Armchair consultancy. Our walls scream aloud the message of avoiding the bullshit that has become part of many web/mobile design/technology discussions/projects.