We research and design digital products that people love to use. Led by an HFI certified UX analyst, we have worked on diverse projects, from mobile wallets for India's largest business group to an online marketplace for a soloprenuer.

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Ajency located at Panjim

6 years in the making

We are a boutique agency with a team size of 30+. Not too small where projects depend on 1-2 individuals, but small enough for you to have a chat/coffee/beer with the founders.

Ably led by

Atleast one leadership team member actively works on every project.

Anuj Khurana

Anuj Khurana

13+ years of Digital experience.
Product and Design Manager

Georgio Menezes

6+ years in Product and Design Management.

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Human Factors International is a global leader in usability research and training. Our UX team is led by an HFI certified Usability Analyst, rooted in theory with 7 years experience in design.

We believe two things help us do an awesome job of digital interface design. First, our designers have started their journey with front-end development, and hence the design process accounts for technology constraints.
Second, our leadership team’s experience in product management. With 14+ years of building both, award-winning and failed products, funded as well as acquired products, consumer as well as enterprise products, we are well positioned to define and design your product experience.