Task For The Full Stack Developer Position

  • Visit http://www.shortfilmwindow.com/ and http://www.shortfilmwindow.com/movies/
  • Based on what you can see on the site implement a quick version of the same functionality. Specifically, we are looking to see how you do the following
    • List of movies. Title, image, duration, genre, language.
    • Filter (server side filtering)
    • Sort (server side sort)
    • Pagination (server side pagination)
  • Use one of the following technologies to implement the above PHP
    • Python
    • JAVA
    • C++ – Only if you are not comfortable with any of the above 3.
    • .Net or any other language is not an option.
    • If you are creating a web app using PHP, Python or Java then use a database. If using C++ use file to store the sample data.
    • Assume some sample data and populate it to demonstrate the functionality that has been coded.
    • Do not use any framework (So don’t use Codeigniter, Django, Laravel etc).
    • You can use javascript frameworks like Angular if you want.
  • What are we looking for
    • A good database design.
    • Your ability to write code that works
    • How well you understand the requirements and how it translates to different methods in your code.
    • Your ability to take a task and complete it. We are big believers in perseverance and hard work. We expect you to spend 2-4 days working on this task.
  • What we are not looking for
    • A good looking website or interface
    • A lot of features.
  • Output
    • Share the code as a link to a GitHub repository. Please complete the task before June 26, 2022.

We will start shortlisting students for interview as and when we receive the tasks. So send in your task soon and grab your chance!

Full Stack Developer
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