Display Estimated Delivery Date on Shopify Store

As we all know, business is a two-way street where both the seller and customer are co-dependent. If a customer needs a product from your store then you should have the resources to fulfill it. But the quality of the fulfillment will largely depend upon the level of the customer’s experience with the complete transaction.

In the current market scenario, customer satisfaction is the best form of success measurement. One of the most important factors that affect customer experience is displaying the delivery estimates which helps them to reciprocate and purchase the products accordingly. By offering an exact date of delivery, and communicating with the customer on the progress of their shipment at every stage, a business proves its reliability and commitment to consumer satisfaction. It is this ease of selection and delivery that drives impulse purchases on ecommerce websites.

We have used Estimated Shipping Date app to enable this feature for one of our Shopify stores and customized it to match with the theme. This app let’s you display the estimated message on the product page. When the PIN code is added by the customer to check the shipping availability of a product, it shows whether shipping is available at your PIN code, displaying the estimated delivery date. We can also set separate estimated message for each product, collection or vendor. Showing estimated delivery dates even before they purchase the product can really help with conversions.

estimated delivery date & shipping info shopify products

The ecommerce sector is one of the tremendous competition and fine margins. Any business that hopes to succeed must commit itself to build customer trust and establishing a loyal consumer base. Delivery dates add an extra layer of security to your customers. This proactive stance by a business proves to customers that they care, and reduces the chances of an order being cancelled.

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