Gender Diversity at Workplace Goa, India

Over the last few years, gender diversity at workplace has become a key point of discussion in the tech community. Pretty much everyone has been publishing numbers that help measure workplace diversity and set goals for the team.

Check out what Facebook Diversity Update and Google Diversity Annual Report state about this.

While we often scoff at following trends, this is one trend that we don’t mind jumping on to.

We are a digital design and software development team and have typical break up of teams like design, development, QA, webmasters. To begin with, we have only focused on gender diversity at workplace. Mixed results for us. The report card is published here for you to judge.

Team composition:

To begin with let’s look at proportion of men/women in the company as well as within individual teams.

Team Composition - Male/Female ratio for technology company in Goa


Our overall numbers are healthy. It’s an evenly balanced team, though our dev team numbers surprised us a bit. We often bragged about how our dev team is fairly balanced in terms of gender ratio. But over the last year or so, we lost a few female developers and as of now, our dev team is not diverse at all. Something we need to fix.

The leadership team, on the other hand, is high on female power. The design team is all male and our QA & WordPress Webmasters team is all female (hence missing from the chart).

Gender Pay Gap

Gender pay gap - Goa, India

There is clearly no gender-based pay gap at Most public research suggests women earn significantly less than men for the same job


Needless to say retention is critical to our success and something we lose a lot of sleep over. Our numbers are 33 months for men and 24 months for women.
Again, this was something we were not aware of – a gap of almost 50% between our ability to retain men vs women.
We are now planning to do a larger retention report and hopefully, that will give some insights on why this gap. The good news is, our company level retention is promising and well above the industry average.

Next steps: Update this report with how we have fared on the diversity report card over the 6 years of our existence. This also marks the first of the ‘ by Numbers’ series. Next up is our retention report (the industry preferred term is ‘attrition report’)

Gender diversity at workplace


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