Task For FrontEnd (CSS) Developer Position

TED.com has a very interesting grid on the home page- http://www.ted.com/

So does- http://www.bloomberg.com/

We did something similar on- http://www.shortfilmwindow.com/movies/

We will like you to design and implement in CSS/Javascript an exciting grid. The grid will have images, title, meta information like date author etc and an action. Please send across the links to any websites you use for reference and any libraries you use. We encourage picking code and libraries from different sources on the web as long as we attribute to them.

Share the task as a link to a Github repository. Please complete the task before June 26, 2022.

We will start shortlisting students for interview as and when we receive the tasks. So send in your task soon and grab your chance!

FrontEnd Developer
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