Task For Business Analyst/Product Manager Position

For this test, we would like you to build a scope document. A scope document is a set of features and requirements that a client/stakeholder expects in a project. It will cover all the work required to be done on the project.

Task details


You will need to build a scope document for the checkout flow feature in a clothing app called “Clothomatic”. Choose the checkout flow for either Amazon or Myntra app to help you build this flow. Download the app from the store and analyse the checkout flow.
Break down the features in the checkout flow into the following 3 sections

  1. Cart page (once an item is added to cart)
  2. Personal info
  3. Payment method

Additional details

Remember, as a product manager you will need to focus on getting a working product to market as soon as possible. It also means you should decide what features you would want in the scope.
The scope you build should be an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). An MVP scope should contain the least number of features you think are required to make the product a success. Example additional features such as wishlist, scan product is not vital to the success of a product and also to build will take a lot of development time. Hence as a product manager, you can ignore them.

What the scope needs to have

  • Defined requirements, features and working of the same.
  • Error messages and failure states
  • For each of the sections, you should provide your thoughts/analysis on why you added or removed a feature that you may have noticed in Amazon/Myntra. (Refer to the help doc section below)
  • Add UI/design examples of the flow


You can take the following assumptions into account when building the requirements

  • The user is already logged in.
  • The user is doing the checkout for the first time.


What we will look for


  • Attention to detail to each feature and breakdown
  • Reasoning on the features you added.
  • Document structure. Should be easy to read.
  • Nice to have: Mention any impact a flow could have on other pages (if any)


  • Exact word-to-word copy of every element from the app.
  • Document content is not presented properly.
  • Grammar, spelling mistakes.

Help docs

Please submit the task by attaching the file. Please complete this task before June 26, 2022.

Product manager
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